Why use cryptocurrencies?

The Top Reasons to Use Cryptocurrencies


Why use cryptocurrencies? As mentioned in the glossary, its security and portability is something very attractive, as the blockchain is a very secure technology, very difficult to break and hack. This gives us confidence that we can use or store value in our electronic devices or electronic wallets through the cloud.


Another thing we also mentioned is its portability, as we can carry our money to the phone no matter how much. It is also an excellent investment instrument, as I mentioned a moment ago. There are people who are using it to invent, to invest. It is said that it is a very interesting digital asset, as it will increase in value over the years and in this way we can grow our capital, our heritage. So, those who are interested in or have been involved with the stock market. Well here is another option to take advantage of. The transaction properties, well, I didn’t mention that. Bitcoin and other assets have costs, but the costs are very low. When you use Bitcoin blockchain or some other asset, I will mention in the following videos the transactions have very small costs. Costs have been below zero point one percent, sometimes point zero one percent. I’m referring to the transaction amount, the amount you want to send via the blockchain. So this makes it more attractive than using a normal bank. Now also the speed, the blockchain speed is also very attractive, because if we want to send value to another part of the world, it happens in a matter of minutes. Probably at your bank, if you make domestic transfers, it’s very efficient.

Transaction speed

Transactions are also very, very fast, but when we want to be international transactions, the blockchain is an excellent opportunity. It is an excellent option to use the controller as well. This for me is one of the most important things, because with Bitcoin or blockchain we have full control of our capital, our money. This for me was something that captivated me, that caught my attention because here on my computer I have my money, that is, here I have all my money, all my electronic wallets.

I can have them on my computer if I want to see my funds. I can be anywhere in the world and with the fact that the internet is connected here, I can access my money without relying on a bank or a financial institution that often blocks your money because you can’t or it’s not time to do transactions or the bank is closed or etc. Therefore, using this technology gives you complete control over your funds.



WaterCoin the water cryptocurrency was created with the aim of bringing water treatment to needy communities.

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WaterCoin the water cryptocurrency was created with the aim of bringing water treatment to needy communities.