Recommendations for learning the Blockchain

2 min readJan 7, 2022


Twenty-two years ago, a new open source digital currency appeared without traditional government. The cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin caught our attention, a currency that bases its existence on the Internet without any obligation regarding regulations or authorities.
It is a way to make any payment immediately and securely, without financial intermediaries such as banks. Its consequences are intriguing and its long-term effects have yet to be defined. But underneath that cryptocurrency and giving it all its power is the most intriguing and potentially most revolutionary distributed database known by the name of blockchain.
This technology is a tipping point with the potential to be even more revolutionary than the Internet itself. But the blockchain must overcome several obstacles, although none seem impossible. If we are guided by the values ​​that venture capitals are investing, we will see that they are betting on the proposals that the blockchain makes possible and on the wealth it can generate. In this saga of articles about blockchain, we have:

  • It presented the basics of the blockchain.
  • Did you understand the basics about this technology?
  • How is it applied and the possibilities for the future?
  • Along with some of the risks and problems associated with it.
  • What can you do now?

I recommend that you explore some of the organizations we’ve mentioned. In particular, learn about
Ethereum and smart contracts.
Study HyperLedger and the organizations that work with it.
Along the way, you can assess whether it’s worth buying and using some bitcoins. See what some entities like Bank of America or Goldman Sachs do.
I also recommend that you get informed about the response of governments and legislators.
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The blockchain presents us with an intriguing and exciting future, in this future there could be autonomous distributed organizations, without leaders or physical location, entities and systems that need power. Smart cities and the Internet of Things. Could you allow electronic voting from your own phone? We can protect the copyright of digital content. Without knowing where we are going, we can already say that the blockchain raised the barriers of our imagination. This generates a lot of excitement and is worth learning about.
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