Honduras launches its third cryptocurrency ATM

2 min readJul 20, 2022

Honduras launches its third cryptocurrency ATM in this way bringing it on par with countries like Peru and Estonia, according to data from CoinATMRadar.com.

La Bitcoinera, a dedicated cryptocurrency store located in Honduras, has announced the installation of yet another ATM for crypto-actives in Tegucigalpa, the capital of the Central American country.

The device was installed yesterday, July 4, at City Mall, one of the main shopping centers in the Honduran capital. Specifically, it is located on the second floor next to the Aliss department store, according to a post by the company on its Twitter account.

With this installation, La Bitcoinera would be reaching the third ATM put into operation in Honduras. In it you can buy and sell bitcoin for the minimum transaction of 20 lempiras (that’s $0.83).

Along with the tweet announcing the cryptocurrency ATM, he also commented that they were interested in helping people create their BTC wallets.

La Bitcoinera seems to be preparing a plan to help people create their bitcoin wallets. Source: La Bitcoinera/Twitter.

“We are thinking about creating opportunities for you to create your cryptocurrency wallet,” the Twitter message highlights.

La Bitcoinera had announced the installation of an ATM, in December 2021, when cryptocurrency cryptoNoticias announced that the second bitcoin ATM had been installed at Casa Quinchon, also in Tegucigalpa.




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